TK-480/481 800/900 MHz Trunked Portable Two-Way Radio

TK-480/481 800/900 MHz Trunked Portable Two-Way Radio
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Type: Analog Two-Way Portables
Brand: Kenwood
Model: TK-480/481

The 80-Series legacy line continues to be embedded in thousands of public safety, public service, government, private industrial customers. This hallmark series provides rugged reliability, large capacity, conventional /LTR capabilities, full featured scan and signaling feature sets. The 180 supports Emergency Call/Man-Down, Encryption /ANI control, full FleetSync PTT ID and messaging and FleetSync, DTMF or Two-Tone Selective Calling for talkback paging. PassPort NTS Dispatch Network Trunking options are available for VHF, UHF and 800 MHz models.

  • Trunked Format
  • LTR Trunked System
  • Conventional System
  • 32 System Scan
  • List Type System Scan
  • Encryption / ANI Board Control
  • Emergency Call Features
  • Emergency Man-Down Option
  • DTMF Encode/Decode
  • FleetSync
  • MILSTD 810 C, D, & E (11 Categories)
  • Flash ROM Firmware
  • PC Programming & Tuning (DOS)
  • Front Panel Field Programming & Tuning
  • NPSPAC Firmware Option (TK-480)
  • Embedded Message (64 Char.)
  • DTMF Deadbeat Disable